Hip-hop in Huddersfield

When we first started BASSment, raves had a very negative stereotype due to the lack of quality events. 

When I (Jake) first started DJ-ing and was trying to play shows within Huddersfield, I was constantly challenged with turning up to clubs after they’d been closed due to poor attendance or drama within the promotion team.

Ravers were fed up of preparing for a good time, attending events, just to be sent home (or worse, to another club) 2 hours later. 

After 5 years of operating BASSment, we now have a very reputable brand nationwide and our shows reach higher attendees than any other club/venue in Huddersfield. We are very proud of that.

It has given life to some amazing talent by providing them with motivation and praise, which is mainly down to our family of ravers who always show their support - thank you. This has inspired many to pursue their careers, whether it be music or another creative genre. 

We now turn our attention towards Hip-Hop, in which, we have curated an event with the help of Allied Music Group, a fresh new label and management team. 

With this event we aim to do exactly what we did with bass heavy dance music genres, create a scene, and give them high quality events with big artists which otherwise they would have to venture to bigger cities to attend. We believe that our built from the ground up, music venue, is the best way to experience any genre of music.

We also aim to create a platform for our talented hip-hop artists that have been attending regular recording/production sessions down at the studio. 

If you’re a fan of hip-hop and would love to see regular support for the genre, or just looking for a good time with some wicked people, get yourself down to BASSment Studios on 20th April 2018.

Tickets can be found on our store - www.bassment.co/store

Event link - https://www.facebook.com/events/1930428937272573/